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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 7AM  ABC  February 6, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. now, at 7 o'clock, a night of violence in tampa. eight people were shot at a club just hours after a deadly stabbing. what police are telling us this morning.
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clearwater beach to handle. officials are urging -- what officials are urging you to do if you're heading that way. >> reporter: we're just three days away from the primary. coming up, i will tell you about the final push for votes. 7:00 right now. thank you for waking up with us i am lindsay logue. >> i am rodney dunigan. we have florida's most accurate and chilly forecast. we are starting off in the 40s. with the breezes coming out of the north today, a bit on the wrong side. take a look at the brightening sky from our rivergate tower cam and you can see that things are beginning to get a little bit more active as we take a look down toward the convention
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it used to be doing well coat -- it used to be the copy of building -- and they had to change the name. right now, there are showers showing up on the east coast. they were not be the problem. what we will say is showers moving up from the south basically from tampa bay southward. the current temperatures include 49 in tampa, 49 in ruskin. new port richey and zephyrhills. we have 52 in saint pete. of course, we are keeping an eye on the midway. starting off with those cloudy skies. clouds are going to increase and we will see a 30% chance of showers as we top out to 63 degrees. it will get even more brisk and breezy and you could even call it blustery tomorrow.
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sunday fund a forecast in action whether with the 7-day detail. we are down to that breaking news in tampa where eight people were shot at a gentleman's club off of nebraska avenue. police say gunshots rang out just after 2 o'clock this morning. one person died at the scene and the others were rushed to the hospital's. another person was dropped off at a hospital a while later. officers don't know if multiple shooters were involved. they have not released a description of any suspects. anyone with information is asked to call tampa police. tampa police have nebraska avenue closed right now. officers are investigating a deadly stabbing near the checkers. one person died. police have not said whether the stabbings or shootings are connected but we will keep you posted as the stories develop on-air and you might see mosquito tracks -- traps set up this weekend.
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traps on monday. this comes as we learned st. johns in osceola county joining a list of areas reporting travel cases of zika virus. a different mosquito borne disease nearly took her son's life. >> i believe it attacked his spinal fluid and it just started wreaking havoc. >> someone to bash my head with a hammer. >> james hatfield was just 11 when a mosquito carrying encephalitis bit him. his mother tells us he suffered a 103 degree fever for several days and had a seizure and slipped into a coma. it took three months before he could go back to school. now 14, he and his mother urge everyone to wear mosquito spray outside.
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compared to encephalitis but it is a high risk to pregnant women. the virus can be spread from mother to baby and cause very serious birth defects. breaking overnight in california, the us coast guard and several agencies are watching waters off the harbor. they are looking for survivors after reports of a plane crash. traffic controllers say they saw two small planes crash into each other on the radar. so far, no sign of survivors. we are expecting an update later this morning. one person is dead and another injured after a shooting in orlando. police say it happened in the parking lot at the jcpenney store. a deputy said and injured 19- year-old man approached him while he was on duty. the 19-year-old is currently being treated for critical injuries. police are asking anyone with information to contact them immediately. >> police -- authorities believe a tae kwon do
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horrific crime -- crime. lewd and lascivious molestation. sankey touched a six and seven- year-old inappropriately and then told them not to say anything. authorities say the incidents happened sometime between 2014 and 2015 at owens toward -- at owens tae kwon do and simoneau. >> i'm glad he got caught and is in custody now. it teaches students to defend themselves. >> that man is richard oh. he is the owner and cousin of the suspect. he says he fired cam last summer because of employee issues. the first in the nation, the new hampshire primary is just three days away. the debate right here on abc. kenneth is in new hampshire to show us it is a busy weekend
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the 2016 race. good morning. in just a few hours, the top gop contenders will have their final debate before the new hampshire primary leaving -- leading the poll is bernie sanders and donald trump. >> it is the final push for support in new hampshire. >> i don't want anything. i just want your vote. >> donald trump kept out. still bitter about his loss to ted crews in iowa. >> i think i came in first.>> god bless the great state of new hampshire.>> the winter storm did not keep the other candidates off the trail. reporters were on the ground walking door to door here -- supporters were walking door to door. overnight, bernie sanders got a rockstar reception at this democratic fundraiser.
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and deterred by recent polls >> new hampshire has never quit on me and i am not going to quit on you! >> clinton, who is working has three events today. kenneth moten, abc news, manchester, new hampshire. a traffic alert in clearwater beach this weekend. thousands of people are expected to attend. people from all over the world are expected in the same area. more than 400 voters will be competing for a spot in the summer olympics in rio. city officials are urging people to avoid driving and consider the free trolley which will take you from downtown to the beach and back. find.
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options. your time right now is 7:08. crashed cars coming out of repair shops are raising questions. still to come, why multiple experts accuse lord's largest insurance company of endangering people inside. thousands and tens of thousands have watched this video. we have posted it on nbc action experts weigh in on why you should pay attention to the gators in your neighborhood. some of aggressive -- some aggressive gators and get ready for some aggressive driving as the monster trucks head back around to tonight work the gates open up at seven. the weather should be mostly okay. once we get rid of those rain showers. by the time they are running all of those nitro fuel monster trucks, it should be about 56 or 57 degrees.
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we will be back with your
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welcome back. 7:12. now to a viral video showing to gators caught in effect that'll. >> jake peterson is taking action to explain how this site may be a little bit more than great viewing. this quiet pond off of starkey road has two residents who do not like much company. >> they keep to themselves. they tend to stay on opposite sides of the pond. >> jeremiah says these gators have been here for years. >> have literally watched these two alligators grow up. >> the smaller one, they call glenda. the big guy has no name. >> the interaction is definitely do. >> it was wednesday morning when johnson captured the commotion. >> i was standing here and one of the alligators come up out of the water just past that stump and the other was laying right here by the curb and got up and walked. >> and that is when the brawl
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>> i told myself, if this alligator comes on the side of the tree, i am out of here. >> i fought it out for nearly 45 minutes. kiri morris with fish and wildlife says this is not uncommon. especially closer to spring time when it is mating season. he says when you come across the site, stay back. >> just use common sense and give the alligators some room. >> johnson is just glad he had a good zoom to catch the action . >> i have been shooting video for a long time and i have never shot anything like that here so i kind of new when it hit that i had something. but how fast this all develops, that was a little surprising. >> jake peterson, abc action news . that is amazing video. i was on a bike ride this week and i was about 100 feet from a gator. i had to snap some pictures.
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>> he considered getting off of his bike and getting closer. >> he's a news man! wanting to get close to the action! >> i have been out at the golf course and seen them by the pond. and no, i'm good. >> let them have it. let them have it. >> great pictures. >> that was awesome video. florida's most accurate forecast looks good right now as we head and get a different shot from our circles cam in apollo beach. i tell you what, we got some clouds out there. a little bit of some breaking through so we are seeing some okay colors for the most part. we are watching the clouds as they will increase during the day. there is nothing showing up brain wise. there are some showers down to the south. there are showers in the golf. what is going to happen is all of this will creep tortoise
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will end up with a 20 to 30% chance of rain right to the metro area. 49 in tampa. think petersburg with 52. everybody has partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies and the windsor out of the north, northeast at about 9 to 50 miles per hour. we will see gray in the skies and clouds around today for the most part. that it will not be a washout. these were not be thickening and draining. we will see about a 30% chance of late afternoon and early evening showers. most of them will be to the south of tampa bay. by tomorrow, we will get those north winds picking up. they will be clearing out and kind of breezy tomorrow. already seeing some of that cold air make its way into the northern part of the state work 43 in tallahassee. 40 in pensacola and across the southeast, cooler temperatures in the 20s and 30s. this is really about as cold as it is getting across the country right now. there is high pressure to the
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stalled to the south. it will begin to try to lift on. taking a look at the futurecast, two to 3 o'clock this afternoon, a pretty good swath of rain from the west coast to the east coast of the united states. all the way back in toward the center of the state" county and we will watch though showers slide off to the south and east , away from us leaving lingering clouds around. overnight, it turns breezy and we get all of that cloud cover out of here and it's going to turn cooler for your sunday. the highs today are not going to get anywhere near what they were earlier this week when we were a pair. 80 degrees. we're looking for a 60 degree high in tampa. maybe 57 maybe 5757 in our nor the neighborhoods. the same thing for spring hill. maybe the low to mid 60s further inland. that's about it. apollo beach will top out at 54. here's the way things are
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asked -- forecast. there's lots to do and see including inside which may be a place to get it though showers come through. again, later this afternoon and into this evening, temperatures are not going to get out of the low 60s. it will feel kind of raw with those wins coming in at about nine miles per hour. as far as your beach forecast, not great here in policing -- increasing clouds today at 55 tomorrow. or breezy and sunny conditions. here's florida's most accurate seven day forecasts. showing the wind on monday -- the wind on sunday and warming on monday and then we clear out and begin to warm up with the latter part of the work week. overnight lows will be in the 40s. we will get up to 60 or 70 degrees over the weekend. increasing clouds through the
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showers later on. showers are clear tonight and it will be mostly sunny and breezy throughout the rest of the day on sunday. that is florida's most accurate seven day forecast. take it out anytime on nbc action news. a lakeland woman is scared to get behind the wheel of her own car and it is all because her trusted insurance company. three experts say she has a good reason to fear for her family safety.>> right there, it's got a big belly and it. >> that's a buckle in the rough. >> another in the rear flame and gaps where parts should be aligned. >> if somebody put my family in this car, i would just go ballistic. >> all pointing to a dangerous repair. we spoke with two other experts who examined the 2012
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they agree. >> if the vehicle gets hit again, the energy force is going to travel straight through . >> a compromised frame could lead to injury or worse which is why sheila says she and her daughter will never get behind the wheel again. >> i thought they wanted you to go to a different shot because they were going to make sure your car was being fixed correctly.>> after another car rammed the dodge last year, she let geicos -- she let geico steer her to another. in response to our questions, the company suggested the vehicle had been in another accident. regarding claims to additional damage, these items are to the vehicle. in fact, the shop had -- that
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photos during the course of repairs showing no buckles in the quarter panel or dents in the rear body panel. >> there has been a subsequent accident. >> two of the three experts are part of a lawsuit filed against geico and other big-name insurance companies. in all, 500 body shops and 36 -- m36 states have filed suit. >> that was jackie callaway reporting. sheila will have to file with her own insurance for repairs which will likely raise her rates are get her canceled. she can also file a case with the state but regulators don't offer more than nonbinding mediation in these cases. still to come, neighbors applying their hobby to come for cancer patients. a look at the some blankets they make and how they program got started.
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some bay area retirees are putting their knack for needing to good use. cara shows us how these blankets they are making are helping cancer patients.>> and she loves to crochet. about a year ago, she and neighbors started knitting together but decided their
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>> a friend of mine said if you like to crochet, i know a place to put it. just about every cancer center in the country is looking for hats and shawls. >> finding that purpose was quite personal. >> i'm going to contribute something back because i'm not dead. born. two ladies spent the summer blankets. more women joined in and the group is now responsible for 300+ caps. these crocheted caps are a lifeline. these hats provide physical warmth while also warming her outlook. >> being positive is the most important thing you can do.
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>> she beat the odds on her own diagnosis already as tumors continue to shrink. they are thrilled that every stitch they make helps improve attitudes and outcomes for patients in the fight for their lives. >> doing that and spending the time and effort makes somebody happy, and feel better, and deal with this horrible nasty disease, it is well wortit. i will be doing this until my hands fall off. >> kera mashek, nbc action news . still ahead, a lot to come on nbc action news including the big story of the tampa bay rays and their talk for the first time about a possible future in tampa. >> coming up, how far off a possible move across the bridge could be and the one thing the team is looking for at the stadium. >> you may be surprised if you're banking on getting your tax return back quickly. the refunds may be delayed for
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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. welcome back to abc action news on a saturday morning, it is 730 -- 7:30 and i am lindsay logue. continue to follow a deadly shooting out of tampa. one person killed and several hurt.
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nebraska avenue. there are police in their investigation? >> good morning to you. actually, they just left but they are trying to figure out two things. number one, who are the family members of a person can't just inside. they are also trying to find witnesses because they say hundreds of people were inside this club and as the shots rang out, people are running out of the building. they are trying to find witnesses to the shooting. eight people were shot. seven of them taken to the hospital. six of them were actually at the scene. and one died inside of the club. the main thing people are -- detectives are trying to figure out is exactly who was inside during the shooting because again, people were running
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2 am when these shots rang out. we will stay out here and try to gather more details. live in tampa, jake peterson, abc action news . a lot of folks have saturday weekend plans. it's going to be chilly. they will have to pack that sweater. pack the sweater and keep the umbrella handy. you may need it today. right now, no problem. the sentence just cracking over the horizon and we are seeing a few clouds breaks around. for the most part, it is an overcast morning. that is the current view from anna maria island. and down into manatee county from the main sell beach. you can see a couple of folks out there taking a walk around. but it looks as though it is going to be kind of a broad day along the bay area beaches. we are seeing some showers in bloom. they will migrate slowly toward us and that is where we are going to get that 30% chance of showers later on. we are also seeing some showers
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49 right now in tampa. 48 in brooksville and inverness , bartow and lakeland. 51 in bradenton and st. petersburg at 52 -- will it be a fair weather day? well, there will be weather and there will be the fair so i guess you could say it is fairweather. not the best weather as we only have a high of 63-64 degrees. and you can see the -- our showing up but again, we are clear so if you want to get out and get some of those outdoor chores and, now's the time to do it. away. back to you. millions of drivers in the northeast are dealing with dangerous road conditions. take a look at this. a winter storm swept and just lines. the connecticut state police reported more than 400 crashes.
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lowered to 40 miles an hour. a pennsylvania woman was killed and her husband was hospitalized after a tree crashed into their home. another storm expected next week . a ritchie family sick of speeders in the neighborhood so they decided to do something about it here she and her husband called a pennsylvania- based construction company to put in three speed bumps. the company actually did it for free. one problem though. officials say they did not get permission to build the speed bumps. the construction company is due back today to remove those speed bumps. >> the first student state fair did remain peaceful. most of those happened within the last three hours of the fair and all of those involved were kicked out here there were also a few arrest for trespassing after a warning for an arrest warrant.
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during student day, the fair shut down on a friday night because of a big brawl. and eighth grader was hit and killed by car after getting kicked out of the fair and trying to cross i-4. officials stepped-up safety last year by adding more cameras and deputy spotters. we now know an eight-year- old boy who tried to rob a grocery store with his mother's gun will not face charges. prosecutors and the boys parents agree he will attend a diversion program. you can see the employee wrestling with the boy and taking the gun away from him. a couple dubbed the modern- day bonnie and clyde were tracked down in them florida panhandle. their multistate crime spree ended with the shootout. gunfire rang out early friday morning with police. fitzgerald and harper had been wanted for kidnapping in at
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police shot and killed fitzgerald during the shootout. police say in the end, he turned on his girlfriend by using her as a human shield and trying to save himself. new information coming in overnight on a massive earthquake in taiwan. this surveillance footage shows the moment it struck. the quake damaged several buildings and brought down a 17 story apartment. at least five people are dead. search efforts continue. there is new dramatic video this morning showing this 506 -- 565 foot crane crashing and collapsing to the ground in manhattan. one person is dead and three other it -- three others injured. it landed on parked cars taking up a full city block. the causes being investigated. the crew told authorities that they noted high winds at the
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to a lower and safer level when it came down. >> a bobcat is resting at the this morning. the big was found on a road near brandon mall. the loss the night in the accident where it was struck by a car on saturday. >> he's pretty lucky. he could have had a fractured pelvis which would decrease his into the wild. >> that is our hopeful, that he will make a full recovery. >> talk about the tampa bay rays possibly moving to tampa are underway. they admit any solid decisions are still way off. they were given the green light in january to search for a new stadium site on the side of the bridge. the mayor and county commissioner both say keeping priority. the rates they this is home but like the next generation
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the two sides will sit down once again within the next month. >> tax season is in full swing file taxes. moneyback this year could take a little bit longer. john explains the potential delay so that you do not waste your money. are you one of those people who try to file your taxes as early as possible to get that refine in a few days. you may have to wait longer this year. the irs has just announced it is adding new safeguards for 2016 to prevent scammers from filing taxes in your name and stealing your refund. several million taxpayers ended up having to refund stolen last year making things worse, q will have to moat -- you will have to wait months as the irs figures out which year is the reeled you. if your income is very different from last year or your addresses change, it will give your return a second look.
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refunds back another week. that will be really frustrating to some floridians who like to file early but in the past, the irs has sent back refunds first and ask questions later which can be bad news for someone trying to file taxes with your stolen social. so don't waste your money. i am john matarese, abc action news . >> new video showing a sleeping see line in a restaurant in california. the staff at the marine room say the sea lion cub came out thursday and hung out.>> sea world coming to rescue the super cute pup who was malnourished. sea world san diego hopes they can get him quickly fed and hopefully, he will be returned to the wild. >> my question is, how did he get in there in the first place . >> how about that. still to come, the first
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fair officially underway. you may not know, it officially started as gasparella . a few unique attractions you will see there this year. you may have also heard about this. some sort of game going on this weekend. superbowl 50 but many fans don't seem to know much about the big game. we put them to a little trivia
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happening today, hundreds are expected to take to the streets. they are marching against the tampa bay express expansion. about 100 homes and businesses
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demolished. they say the expansion is the best way to relieve traffic congestion. this morning's march starts at cafi hey at 11 o'clock. of course, flocking to tampa . so much more to explore. that's exactly what you found when you look into the history of what is on tap this year. >> we took a look ahead and a look back in the history is kind of interesting. >> way back in 1904 with the help of city and railroad officials, the first south florida fair took place on the grounds of what is now known as the university of tampa. despite economic last and two world wars, a continue to grow getting florida state winter festival and the florida state fair. was often held as a part of the gasparella festivities but that all changed in the mid-70s when it was decided that a bigger venue was needed work 1977, it
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of a 300 acre site in us 301 and start for. since then, it has continued to grow. >> we have resources that will be seen in several that are not going to be seen. so that is something for those planning to come out, for any disruptions, rough behavior, you have no idea who is looking at you. >> a couple of more additions that may capture fancy, including the white house experience from the president's hall of fame in claremont took you can even get a selfie from the oval office and if you are so inclined, you can post your very own white house press conference. >> i'm sorry ms. harris but we're going to have to wait for your question for just a bit. thank you. over here. over there by the maternity tent where you can see the fares run is in another -- is another amazing element.
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united states. but now, it's the florida state fair so you are here. >> this gives us a chance to interact with butterflies. nature sends us. if it were not for bees and butterflies, there will be no vegetation so it gives everyone a chance. >> and there is plenty of feed out there, as well. coming up in our 9:00 our, i am told there will be adoptable is but they. -- bountiful breakfast be they -- buffet. it is juicy and sweet liquid and the butterflies come to that and feed and you can see them eating and you can get right up on them . and get a really good look. >> a lot of stuff going on. that is cool.
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may be a good idea. let's take a look outside. this is the university of tampa where the fair started off. so many years ago. back in the fields behind there. thanks to the fold severe rescue for giving us a good look at that. and while our weather is not perfect. seeing this. snow on the ground in parts of maryland even though they have had temperatures in the 60s. they have had rain this week that snow has still not gone away. we won't see in a snow. it's going to feel chilly and we will see some showers later on. you can see the -- our starting to move out in the gulf. and through portions of southeast florida, as well. that will gradually make its way and you will see a 20 to 30% chance of rain.
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northeast at nine. a 45 degree dew point making the relative humidity there. currently 46 degrees. 40 in pensacola and no real bitter cold air anywhere in the lower 48 states. right now, 26 in minneapolis. 26 in boston. they are still digging out of another snowstorm there. late thursday into friday. high pressure is building and across the east coast. that is clearing things out. it has not fully affected us. as a matter of fact, this front that has passed to the south is still the focus for those showers and that has lifted ever so slowly back toward us by later in the afternoon. by about 1 o'clock or so, you will see the shower starting to form on sarasota and manatee
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you will see another heavier batch by about 4:00 moving to the south and east and we will clear things out into the evening hours and overnight, we will clear out completely. skies were clear and we will gets more breezes and it will be blustery for your sunday. for your forecast today, florida's most accurate forecast for the fair, we start with a cloudy kind of a hazy start. slow warming up to about 55 x 10 -- 55 at 10:57. a 50% chance of showers as we top out at later on. the gulf water temperature is 59 degrees. voters can expect winds from 10 to 50 kn this afternoon. by noontime, we will calmed down little bit and you will see those offshore showers. the seas will have a 2 to 4 feet moderate chop. by tomorrow, we will see the winds increase and you could see a small craft advisory later on.
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this afternoon. 6:00 use your low tide and is and will set at 6:15. here's a look at your most accurate seven day forecast showing the longest stretch of cooler winter weather than we have seen all season. we're not going to see 70 until maybe next weekend. that is florida's most accurate seven day forecast. you can always check it out online at abc action news. in the days before the super bowl, one of the most popular times of the year to buy a new tv but when you get at home, make sure to set it up properly. eight years ago, a two-year-old boy, charlie horn, was killed when a dresser tipped over in the tv on top though on him his parents later found him -- founded the nonprofit charlie's house to teach people how to properly anchor furniture. with their new television sets, make sure they are mounting them on the wall or anchoring them to the furniture
7:42 am
according to the safety commission, every two weeks, a child is killed by a tv or piece of furniture that temps over. -- that temps over -- tips over . you can always fix that hole in the wall but you cannot fix a hole in your heart. >> charlie's house offers for equipment to anchor furniture. you can request to get right from their website, charlie's fans from all over the world are enjoying themselves. how much they really know about the big game. >> reporter: about 1 million people are expected to take part in all things super bowl but we wanted to know how many people really know about the big game. it is time now for some super bowl trivia. excuse me.
7:43 am
>> i have no idea. >> carolina memphis? >> carolina? >> hutchens? >> the denver broncos and the carolina panthers! >> for which super bowl did the nfl use arabic numbers? i'm sure the answers are swirling around somewhere. >> yes, it is. >> when to be nice if the answers were plastered everywhere? >> you mean like the 50s? 50. it is 50. >> at super bowls halftime show, justin timberlake and the f of this word -- the infamous wardrobe malfunction, what song are they singing? >> walk away. dance with me. >> going to rock your body. >> i guess he did rocker body. >> even though it is chicken loving pitch man playing in the game, this company has decided not to run ads singing the
7:44 am
>> nationwide is on your side. >> sing it. >> nationwide is on your side. >> this is a per dissipation certificate -- this is a visit -- participation certificate. you are awarded two tickets to the super bowl! >> offer not valid. >> oh!! >> offer not valid! >> continental us north america. so this is void. >> the super -- the super bowl is on the moon. >> do you completely regret doing this? >> yes expect congratulations to all of our trivia champions. we will see you on the moon for super bowl c. they really thought they were going to the super bowl.
7:45 am
we have a super bowl and of course, the state fair this weekend. we have a lot of stuff going on. the bay area renaissance and their 30th year. details on that and other
7:46 am
the bay area festival kicks off in tampa. the theme, pillage the village. with craft beer tasting and more. also, round two of monster jam. roaring into the stadium. this is gravedigger here. jumping and climbing over cars tonight. 10 bucs gets you into the pit party . tickets start at $20. [ music ] >> one of the world's most loved musicals it's the stage at decker hall today. it is full of unforgettable classic songs. two showings today. one of them is at 2 o'clock and the other at 8 o'clock.
7:47 am
the mardi gras music and food festival returns with live performances, crawfish, gumbo and lots of family fun. it is free to get in but money raised benefits the big cat habitat and sanctuary. gates open at noon. listen up, valentines just a few days away. don't miss our out-of-the-box event. >> they will be live at the studio. we will have a look at their creations in the hot stuff they have for this valentine's day. but here's what is coming up on good morning america. coming up, we are just hours away from what could be a pivotal moment. the air -- the race for the white house. will trump and crews go at it?
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analysis coming up. new trouble for johnny manziel. the former heisman winner begging to go into rehab after allegedly having a ball at night with his ex-girlfriend. t minus one day until superbowl 50. the broncos against the panthers. we're learning about a celebrity edition of the halftime show and we will have culinary tips of planning your game day party all coming up on gma. we will see you very soon. we will see you out at the fair at 9:00. here is a look you can expect for today. >> we hope you will join us in one hour.
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